"Giborim Ktanim" (Little Heroes)

"Giborim Ktanim" (GK) was founded as a social non-profit organization in 2001.

GK is a social movement based totally on volunteering activities among children belonging to the special education department, who suffer from Mentally Disabled. That is, children with special needs, from small age until the age of 21.

The Goals of the "Giborim Ktanim" Movement

The GK movement goals are:

  • Connect regular children with these special children.
  • Give the special children a supportive and pleasant framework and environment.
  • Teach the special children how to live independently after graduating school.

Core Activities of "Giborim Ktanim"

The GK movement acts in and with the special schools, accompanies the activities within the schools throughout the whole year and runs yearly activities in these schools on a regular basis.

Variety of Activities

The GK movement takes part in a variety of activities for the special children, including:

  • Adoption of special schools by regular schools.
  • Activity at the beginning of the school year in the shape of a huge happening with many activity stations for all children.
  • Offering many enjoyable and impressive activities, such as: jeep tours, performances, shows, bike tours, football, and basketball games.

–   Jeep Tours – GK has more than 400 volunteering jeep owners all over Israel, who take the specials children in their private cars.

–   Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at the West Wall in Jerusalem – in presence of the president of the rabbinical courts and other important guests, we celebrate with the children in an exciting and powerful event.

–   Activities supported by IDF – these are held by the IDF in general and the Logistic Division in particular, as part of connecting the special children with routine activities of the soldiers. The activities take place in the IDF bases that enlist the youth and accompany them throughout the year.


"Giborim Ktanim" (Little Heroes) – a voluntary movement that creates    opportunities for children and adults with mental disabilities to integrate into community life.

 Dr.Yariv Vinzer, Adv 

"President of "Giborim Ktanim

   (Little Heroes)